Teaming Up With Us

English Camp is a highly effective and anticipated project each year, and is so much fun for all involved!  Each year, we have the wonderful privilege of having a fantastic team come from the States to help on staff as English teachers, cooks, speakers, music/worship leaders, and counselors.  In 2012, we started our English Retreat for 18-29 year olds, as we saw the need and heard the desire of the young adults for such a thing!  Our relationships with the teens and young adults are not limited to these, as we are able to connect with them throughout the year.  English Camps and English Retreat have proven to be a valuable connection for teams from the U.S. to relate to our work and team here, and if you have any interest in leading or being a part of a Camp or Retreat team, please contact us

The Future Generation

This annual camp for German teenagers has become a great connection between our mission team and the next generation of Germany.  Camp is an opportunity for us to introduce Jesus to teens for the first time, and for some to grow deeper in their faith in a very real way.  We would like to invest more into developing these relationships and connections, especially within those communities that house potential for future projects and target areas for our vision of developing faith communities in NE Germany...

English Camp & English Retreat
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